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The challenge/problem of the mission.

Save the Children is an organization that does a lot for children in need, but there is a lack of structure in their offering both internally and externally. This can make it difficult for them to measure the results of their work and report it concretely.

The breadth of their work is their strength, but it can also be a communication weakness. Because they work with so many different projects and children, it can be difficult to communicate how their efforts impact children and their lives.

To improve the situation, Save the Children can review their organization and create clearer structures to improve the measurability of the results of their work. This can also help them to communicate more concretely about how their efforts improve children’s lives.

Our solution

The concept of a CV that never needs to be written focuses on children living in vulnerability and how their lives may look. By showing their CV, we can see the effects of Save the Children’s work and how their efforts change the lives of children.

The CV shows the children’s lives from childhood to adulthood, and how Save the Children comes in and improves their situation. This concept concretizes and visualizes Save the Children’s work in a way that companies can identify with.

Children are tomorrow’s employees, and by showing how Save the Children affects children’s lives today, we inform companies of the value of partnering with the organization. This is important to secure the future of businesses and ensure that children receive the help they need to live a decent life.

The CV that never needs to be written is a unique and powerful way to showcase Save the Children’s important work for children in vulnerable situations. By showing the effects of their efforts in a visual and concrete way, we can generate interest among businesses and increase awareness of children’s vulnerable situations.

• We have created a web-based platform where companies can join Save the Children’s network and access various resources and tools to contribute to children’s rights.

• We have created the children’s CV which is sent out to potential partners as a PR mailing.

• In the accompanying brochure there is a QR code which leads to Save the Children’s new business page.

• We have advertised in industry magazines and posted on LinkedIn.

• Their strongest ROI is through sales meetings. Therefore, we have developed sales emails which are sent to companies.

• We have redesigned and scaled down the packages.

What the solution achieves and
how it is relevant to the customer's business.

By showcasing Save the Children’s broad range of activities as a strength, we show how they have the ability to cooperate with a variety of businesses. This also fits well with their overarching concept of working for children’s rights, here and now, for the future.

By simplifying their website and package structure, it becomes easier for companies to understand what a collaboration with Save the Children could look like. This hopefully increases the conversion rate on business partnerships and leads to an increased number of potential business partners.

This concept will also strengthen Save the Children’s position as an NGO among businesses. Their preference level will increase, meaning that more companies will choose to cooperate with Save the Children. At the same time, this gives companies a greater understanding of Save the Children’s work, which is important in creating a strong relationship between the organization and the companies.

My role in the work

In the user interviews, I found out that many companies donate money to various charitable organizations or to different projects within the company. Many companies also had an internal program to contribute to charity.

The impact assessment provided insights on how the companies’ donations impact the target group and society. This allowed me to come up with ideas on how we can develop the companies’ donations to increase their impact on the target group.

After compiling the ideas, I began building a prototype for a platform for companies to donate money to charity. The prototype was then tested on a target group to get feedback and improve it.

After several iterations of the prototype and testing, we finally had a platform that could help companies donate money to charity in a more effective way.

Angelica Vintheden – Produktionsledning
Frida Eriksson Wiita – Art Director
Felix Bergendahl – Comminication Design
Nåmi Lindroth – Strategisk Kommunikation
Rebecca Björkholm – Public Relations
Cassandra Bäckman – Growth Marketing
Nico Alhonen – Digital Design & Strategi

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