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I have helped large and medium-sized companies with their user experience. My clients are from everything between Rädda Barnen, Cancerfonden to Meds Apotek and Transparent

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The challenge/problem of the mission

The BRF Nattvakten wanted help with restructuring information, creating a welcoming atmosphere for existing tenants and potential buyers, and reflecting the physical housing association online. The problem with the old website was that there was information in multiple places, making it difficult to find. Some of the information was difficult to read and repetitive. There was not a clear structure in the menu, causing confusion and frustration.

BRF Nattvakten wanted to digitize board work and simplify several aspects of board work.

My solution

I conducted a study of BRF Nattvakten where I used interviews and observations to find out how visitors navigated their website. Through my study, I discovered that the menu and sub-pages were difficult to navigate, making it difficult for visitors to find the information they were looking for.

As a solution to this, I restructured the menu and created more sub-pages to make the website easier to navigate. I also developed a new logo for BRF Nattvakten, which makes it easier for the recipient to identify the sender in important documents, protocols, and emails.

Before my study, BRF Nattvakten distributed physical newsletters to their members. Through my study, I suggested that they should digitize this process by sending out digital newsletters. This has several advantages, such as being environmentally friendly and being able to see how many people have read the newsletter. However, physical newsletters will still be posted at the dumpster, entrance to the garage, and in the laundry room.

Through my suggestions, BRF Nattvakten now has a clear graphic profile with new colors and fonts. This has made the website more attractive and easier to navigate, making it easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for.